Friday, 22 September 2017

Shiseido Tokyo

I was lucky to receive Shiseido products complimentary for reviewing purports & here is my in-depth review for you today!

Shiseido was founded in 1872 & is known for being the largest cosmetic firm in Japan & the 5th largest cosmetic company in the world. You don't hear much about Shiseido as it is more of a prestige line that is only sold at cosmetic counters and select department stores like Hudson's Bay Company for example. The company does, however, own numerous brands underneath like: NARS Cosmetics, Joico, and Qiora.
While Shiseido has partnered with Influenster, a platform for savvy shoppers who like the review products and if you're lucky you get sent product for review purposes. Today I will be reviewing Shiseido's Synchro Skin Foundation, Inkstroke gel liner & their Rouge Rouge Lipstick!

Inspired by the ink used in Japanese calligraphy, Sumi Ink. 
Intense, highly pigmented & water-resistant!  This gel eyeliner let's you draw your desired lines effortlessly in one stroke... If you're a pro at liner! It Defines bold or delicate thin lines without creasing, blurring, skipping or smudging. Achieve a perfectly smooth line that doesn’t fade. You can also purchase the angled liner brush which I highly highly recommend! I loved how smoothly it glided onto my lid! I have an issue with gel liners skipping accross my lid if I don't tug on my lid (I know bad bad habit). Using this liner I didn't have to tug on my lid! Hello young eyes, goodbye soon to be crows feet from the pulling?!

Inkstroke Eyeliner retails for $35.00
Photo credit: Shiseido 

Moving on to the Synchro Skin Foundation. While first applying this foundation it reminded me a lot of my luminous silk foundation by Armani. lightweight, easily blendable & buildable. However, I did notice it would look a little drier on my nose so I would suggest a good primer like Shideido's Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother for $29.00 I personally have combination skin right now so I do suffer from some dry patches. Although, the issue with my nose the rest of my face looked freaking flawless. I loved the wear of this foundation. I also didn't need to set it with a translucent powder! Normally I would need to because my skin was so oily everything would just slide around.  Thanks to Miiko Skin Co. My skin has now balanced it's self out for the most part! If you're interested in hearing more about Miiko click here.

Shiseido has recently come out with a new formula for their Rouge Rouge Lipsticks that features a rich, creamy-but-matte texture which applies evenly! No patches pleaaase.
The color & moisture to become one with your lips creating a smoother lipline and defines the shape. No liner needed! The formula kept my lips from drying looking or feeling dry while I wore this. It also doesn't stain your lips! 

Shiseido's Rouge Rouge retails for $35.00 


Monday, 18 September 2017

» Make The Time To Be Successful

Time is one of those entities you will never get back. As I work in a busy office assisting 4 lawyers & soon to be on maternity leave taking care of my little babe & still running my social media platforms & of course my blog.. Time is of the essence for me! I’m assisting lawyers 8 hours a day, running a home, and growing my own brand/social media.

In order to be wildly successful, or what my perspective on what success means to me and yet still keep a flexible work schedule I have several steps I have learned along the way that I need in order to have a flexible work schedule that doesn’t consume my day:

1.) Emails are checked & returned in the morning on my way to work or on my breaks & often on my way home from work.

2.) Social Media posts are done between 8am-10am when my engagement is at it's highest & in the evening around 5-6pm if I post twice a day. Depending. Keeping your engagement high is a must for social media platforms. Always responding to your audience and interacting with brands, friends & those who follow your profiles is very important. 

3.) Have designated work hours. This is a little tough for me BUT it also depends on what you choose is work and what is a hobby. I see social media & blogging as a hobby and not work. It make's me enjoy it more! Crazy, I know.  I honestly spend most of my "me" time working on creating content, vegan dishes, nesting (now) or brainstorming!
I feel it is important to create everything you put out. It keeps you authentic. You're not using someone else's photos and playing them off as your own. 

4.)HAVE A LIST. Write it down. Complete it then cross it off. Though this sounds so very simple so many people don’t do it. And trust me it is instant gratification when that lines goes across those letters or you check the box off the list. Ever sit down at end of the day and wonder what you did all day? Terrible feeling. You feel accomplished once you see that list at the end of the day! List's are my ride or die for work & getting things done. I especially need lists now that baby brain is in full effect!

5.) Have a plan. Stop trying to go out there and wing it every day. I know based on what has been successful for me in the past what I need to do to continue being successful. So I start each month with a plan of action. Goals are set then I follow those goals up with daily and weekly steps needed to reach those goals. I like to reflect weekly on what I got done and what I need to move. My spouse & I have a wicked morning routine & Sunday evening routine for meal prep. I think we're almost pros! ... Kidding.

Share your time-saving tips below that keep you sane while trying to rule the world.

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