Thursday, 17 August 2017

Twenty Eight Weeks

I've officially hit another milestone! THIRD TRIMESTER! Where has the time gone? 
I was told it would go by fast & when I was told this I was probably 9 weeks along. I was just dragging every day because I felt like it was going by so slow! Now, I wish I had more time with being less uncomfortable though. The overwhelming feeling has officially set in like I need to get everything done. Which, I will probably get the majority and be bored by the end of my pregnancy waiting on little one to come into this world to join us.
This week I can say the lower back aches are real, pelvic pain is a new one so I will be chatting with my doctor about that one! I've officially gone from getting up once in the night to getting up 2-3 times to wee. Always around 4 am too. I can no longer really reach places to shave, I walk much much slower because of the back/pelvic pain and slip on shoes are my best friend.
I can no longer squeeze to get into the truck anymore in our driveway so I have to walk to the end and let Spencer drive down.. Which I find HILARIOUS. Although I've been getting bigger the number on the scale has stayed the same for the last 3 weeks, I noticed my thighs aren't rubbing together too! Since adopting the vegan lifestyle it has stopped a lot of bad cravings that was making me gain weight rapidly. My body is still changing & growing bigger and babe is getting the best nutrients since this is the best I've ever eatin.. I wish I was kidding! 

Our boy is a our squishy! Seeing him at 28 weeks was so amazing. I loved seeing him yawn, smile & well his lips! He has my lips! He has his daddys big smile though, I bet his hairline too heheh. 

Being on Instagram constantly I was determined to try and win a DockATot & I did it! I knew it was unrealistic to purchase one with while they can be up to $400 in CAD. I bought a bassinet second hand for $30 for babe the week prior, I thought to myself.. How funny would it be if next week I win a DockATot.. Well, that's exactly what happened! I got the message in my DM's & my eyes almost popped out of my head! I was shoook.
I ended up selling the used bassinet for what I paid for it. Our DockATot came in the mail so fast and we were so excited to open it.. 

Our little (notsolittle) Silver decided it was hers. I said she can only be on it with the protector on it. She hopped off after I gave our kitties dinner and it's now in a safe place but you can see from the photo below, Silver was in bliss!  

We had our 3rd prenatal class & had the hospital tour. It was really great! However, I had an anxiety attack while in one of the labor/delivery rooms when the instructor turned on the bed warmer to show us how loud it was. I think what triggered it was the loud beep. My brain went right into panic mode & I felt my eye tearing up and my whole body just going into a sweat. I felt like I went from 36 degrees to the highest fever you can get in seconds. Worst feeling ever and I've never experienced it before! I ended up leaving the room to redeem myself with Spencer and went back in once I felt cool enough & calm. I've always had a hard time with hospitals after spending 3 months in 2015 there with my mum before she passed away. I will go into that someday on my blog because I think it will be important to share my story and how I feel about becoming a mother without a mother. 

Overall, this week has been really good, just uncomfortable. Hoping next week is better but that's wishful thinking because I know I will just start to get more uncomfortable!

Question: When did you decide to stop working?

I've been told I'm crazy for wanting to work to term. It does sound crazy once I see others saying they took the 6 weeks off prior as expected. I think I would go nuts!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

≫ Summer Make-Up Routine ≪

Lately I’ve been trying to force myself to limit my routine to just a couple products. This is hard for me if you have been following me for some time you'll know I use to like to go all out with my makeup. For example...

I start saying, oh, I’ll just cover up my under eye circles, and then I need mascara, and then maybe just fill in the brows a bit…and next thing I know I’ve been in front of the mirror for 20 minutes or so. As of recently... aka the last two years,  I’ve been experimenting with a more minimal look to get out the door on time in the morning & get the rest of my work morning routine done. 

I always start off with my Derma E face sunscreen and after I wash my face and as I get our two kitties their food I let it set. I then go in with my GlamGlow illuminating moisturizer for a little extra highlight! I love the scent of it as well.. Reminds me of yellow skittles!  

I have an oily complexion normally but I think while being pregnant it has gotten a lot better! I also use a BB Cream by Marcelle! I love that it isn't full coverage because I use to slather on full coverage foundation when I was young & I feel it ruined my pores! Since simplifying my make-up routine & getting some laster treatments done, I feel like my pores look less dilated and less prone to getting horrendous acne spots from clogged pores.  


Once I have blended in the tinted BB Cream I follow up with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I was always against paying the pricey price tag for this concealer but once I did after receiving at Gift Card.. It changed my concealer game!! With it's medium to full coverage, being buildable and easy to blend.. I didn't have to use so much concealer on my face! It felt like a miracle when I first tried it. I even went to my spouse and told him because I was so excited! It looks more natural than the drugstore concealer I was using that would oxidize. 
After my BB cream I would swipe under my eye area,  around my nose where it's a little more red, my dark spots & acne scaring. I always use my real techniques complexion sponge. 

I love to set my face with Laura Mercier's Translucent Setting Powder while using the complexion sponge on the flat edge while damp because it gives the best finish & leaves my skin looking natural and flawless. 
Moving onto brows & lashes, I like to keep it super simple. I ran out of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer and just started using eyeshadow to fill my brows in like I use in the old days and I actually prefer it more! I use my KVD Shade & Light palette and for my lashes I use my Lancôme Monsiur Mascara

Typing this out it seems like a lot of steps but I promise it takes me 10 minutes max! Super quick & easy.. Maybe since I've been doing it for so long it's just a piece of cake for me. 
I like to finish of my face with Burberry Highlighter & some blush. The Burberry Highlighter completely changed my glow-up game! I use to use the Becca highlighters religiously but  I was graciously sent Burberry's Summer Essentials. The pressed highlighter has been getting love from me every day! The one I use is Rose Gold. As for blush it changes every other day so I didn't want to include a specific since I have multiple brands I use! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I put on my face! I really like this routine. If I opt for a foundation I always use the  Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation. I love the finish but I found out recently the ingredients are not very good for you! I made my own report on EWG Skin Deep If you look at my old skin care routine You will see why I started researching the products I used on my face. If you download the IOS/Android App called Healthy Living you will understand why products shouldn't be used on your body! It's scary. 

Question: If you could only use ONE product, what would it be?
Mine would be concealer hands down because my scaring/dark spots are my biggest insecurity. 


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Twenty Seven Weeks

This week has been actually so good! Apart from not being able to eat normal portioned meals without taking a good 45 minutes to finish. This will be a quick update because it was so good! I find the good weeks tend to be the more boring updates.

Little one has been kicking up a storm & making my belly move in weird ways I've never seen before! He gets hiccups & likes to kick me in the ribs already. He's getting ready for delivery my Ovia app says. He hasn't given me much heartburn but has pressed on my bladder making me think I'm going to wee myself sometimes. That would be embarrassing! My belly button piercing is looking more weird as my pregnancy goes on & my microdermal scar is becoming irritated from the stretch as well. (Implant piercing under my belly button -- now just a scar because I took it out)
Over all I think my favourite is interacting with little one when he's being super active pretty much all the time it feels and poking my belly and he kicks back.

*This is not me*

I've been feeling a little bit energy wise because of the new iron supplement I am taking. YAY! Also having a vegan lifestyle has helped tremendously with bad cravings, unnecessary weight gain & my overall mental health. I have noticed that long car rides are not my steeze anymore. Even if it's 2 hours.. It's really hard on my back and well, my belly because I feel like my posture just over time gets worse which then also messes up my back. I'm also starting to notice by Thursday's of each week I'm pretty ready to throw the towel in on work weeks. Although, we have been insanely busy the last couple of weeks. It's all starting to finally slow down so I can focus more on the baby shower, getting little things done around the house & just getting back to keeping up with everything. Thanks

Question: If you are currently pregnant or just a mama now, what was something you seemed to struggle with the most hitting your 27-28 weeks? 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

☼ My Go-To Summer Essentials. ☼

We love the summer heat, the bright sunshine, and outdoor swimming – but we could do without the sun damaged skin, flip-flop worn feet, and frizzy hair, am I right? It takes one heck of a routine to stay summer ready (shaving, pedicures, full body moisturizing routine, etc.) and on top of that without the proper maintenance, summer can wear on your natural beauty. Taking care of your glorious summer-self with a few helpful products can help stretch your initial investment (time & money) and rescue you from some of summer’s most common beauty busters.

I love using Coconut Oil for moisturizer now! A little back story... I was so against Coconut Oil when it first became big as a multi purpose product & even to cook with! I would not use coconut oil ever. I ended up turning to it when I noticed my skin becoming severely dry from pregnancy. So now I use Coconut oil after every shower and on my belly nightly. I use the Kopari Coconut Melt religiously. As for my face if you want to see my skincare routine you can see it here! 

For instance, to maximize your salon pedicure and stave off dry skin, a good foot soak goes a long way. I like to use the Pedi Perfect on my heels when I feel like their super dry and then I go in with my Honest Company multi purpose balm and slather it on my feet and put on cotton socks! I noticed with pregnancy my heels would get really dry. I've never really experienced it before.

As for my hair, it has been color treated but is growing out relatively nicely. I love using the Bumble & Bumble's Invisible Oil line! I find it really helps my tangled hair when I come out of the shower... Having blonde hair is lovely but also a tangled mess whenever you wash it! 

What are your summer essentials? 


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Twenty Six Weeks!

Little babe is the size of a Butternut Squash at 26 weeks! 

This week started off really great! Unlike last my TwentyFifth update.. I got my chest ultrasound results back & they were very reassuring. HALLELUJAH.
However, My weekend was pretty dull. Friday was great, we went over to our friend's place & my girl friend Nicole made us dinner & we played games. (Dinner photo below) It was so much fun! I ended up staying up pretty late Friday night & then the rest of my weekend was pretty much shot. 

Ramen bowl with tempeh bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onions and semi pickled carrot, cabbage and lettuce! Homemade miso sauce for the ramen. It was so so yummy. 

I ended up staying up until 1AM or so just doing some house chores. I had the energy I might as well use it to my advantage! I woke up the next morning just feeling kind of crappy. I ended up staying on the couch and being a potato for the majority of the day besides a little baking in the afternoon. I had two naps in one day! I ended up repeating my Saturday on Sunday. I was a little worried at this point. What was wrong with me? I wasn't feeling very hungry in the AM and then once the afternoon hit I felt like I could eat everything... So I had a veggie burger w. avocado on it... Then has some snacks and a bunch of pickles.
On Monday I had my glucose test first thing in the morning. The drink really isn't that bad! I actually liked it but I will admit it was super sugary, just reminded me of flat Orange Crush pop! I like anything orange flavored so that was an advantage. While I sat for 2 hours I put together a hospital bag list and searched Pinterest for good ideas. Getting poked 3 times was not my favorite. I feel like my pain tolerance is a little lower ever since becoming pregnant. I usually handle any pain really well, I mean I pierced my own ears & stretched them in high school! (awful regretful phase) Needles normally don't bother me but I guess with all the hormones everything is a little more sensitive. 

I finished my appointment and was SO hungry. I had to fast for 10 hours but by the time I was done I fasted for 13-14 hours. Was not fun, I completely crashed from the sugar high and just needed food stat. I had some lentil soup once I got to the office and felt a little better, but man I was tired! 
Later that day I checked my results online and I do not have gestational diabetes and my levels were really good! However, my iron levels were severely low. THE CULPRIT to the weekend's exhaustion. I let my supervisor know I may have an unscheduled appointment with my doctor but she ended up just calling me and recommending me a certain iron supplement. Now I take one every morning of 150mg on Iron. Fingers crossed it brings my level back up! I've suffered from low iron a couple of years ago but my old iron supplement was only 45mg! This new one makes me feel a bit nauseous but all in all, I hope it works and the side effects taper off. 
I've been eating my dark leafy greens, my beets, any plan based high iron foods and it's actually really tough to rise your iron levels because it's one of those supplements that's difficult to absorb even though we need it. I would even have lemon concentrate with it for better absorption but clearly, it didn't work. I also know animal meat products carry a different type of iron, Hema Iron but my doctor assured me that it wasn't because of that. It was because all my nutrients & vitamins I get baby steals! 

A few days after my Glucose test I started to get a pain in my upper arm and determined nerve injury from one of the pokes the nurse gave me. It hurts! Thankfully it's starting to ease off.. We also had our first prenatal class! We enjoyed it so much & had a good couple of laughs. We were the youngest in the class being 27 & 24. Everyone seemed pretty nervous/shy at the beginning but with Spencer being in the class he can always crack funnys. 

I'm slowly getting closer to the fall season spirit. I maaaay have made a couple of fall inspired baked dishes... If you know me personally or follow me on the gram I've already talked a little bit about my obsessed with Fall/Autumn. I can't help it! I guess you could say I'm your basic white girl. I get bit by the Fall bug mid-summer every year! 

Pumpkin Spice Chia Parfait with a pumpkin icing as a small sugary topping.


Have you had Iron diffencency before? What did your doctor recommend & how did you manage to get your levels back up!? What were the side effect you felt while being low on Iron?

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