Tuesday, 8 August 2017

☼ My Go-To Summer Essentials. ☼

We love the summer heat, the bright sunshine, and outdoor swimming – but we could do without the sun damaged skin, flip-flop worn feet, and frizzy hair, am I right? It takes one heck of a routine to stay summer ready (shaving, pedicures, full body moisturizing routine, etc.) and on top of that without the proper maintenance, summer can wear on your natural beauty. Taking care of your glorious summer-self with a few helpful products can help stretch your initial investment (time & money) and rescue you from some of summer’s most common beauty busters.

I love using Coconut Oil for moisturizer now! A little back story... I was so against Coconut Oil when it first became big as a multi purpose product & even to cook with! I would not use coconut oil ever. I ended up turning to it when I noticed my skin becoming severely dry from pregnancy. So now I use Coconut oil after every shower and on my belly nightly. I use the Kopari Coconut Melt religiously. As for my face if you want to see my skincare routine you can see it here! 

For instance, to maximize your salon pedicure and stave off dry skin, a good foot soak goes a long way. I like to use the Pedi Perfect on my heels when I feel like their super dry and then I go in with my Honest Company multi purpose balm and slather it on my feet and put on cotton socks! I noticed with pregnancy my heels would get really dry. I've never really experienced it before.

As for my hair, it has been color treated but is growing out relatively nicely. I love using the Bumble & Bumble's Invisible Oil line! I find it really helps my tangled hair when I come out of the shower... Having blonde hair is lovely but also a tangled mess whenever you wash it! 

What are your summer essentials? 


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